23 Settembre 2023
About us


We specialise in the production of mousses for motocross, enduro and MTB.
Our passion and extensive experience in the world of racing has led to the development of our products, based on the compound searched and tested for a long time, specifically suited for the needs of our customers.

We are pioneers in our field and pride ourselves on our innovative ideas and designs that are fit the best for purpose. Our product and production technology is copied worldwide.

We offer a wide range of items that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer!

Our products are available from official retailers or on our website: www.speedymousse.com

How our Speedy Mousse came into existence?

This enterprise was born out of the passion for motorcycle racing and a three decade long friendship between Luigi Mazzoni and Giuseppe Zecchi, re-established after years. Our intrepid founders tackled this project with the enthusiasm of two 18 year olds and collaborated in a sector that they’ve loved all their lives.

Luigi and Giuseppe were classmates in elementary and middle school. They began to race motorcycles in 1973 with the moto "Romeo Fabrizio" 50cc, hand-built in Florence by a renowned artisan and ex-enduro racer "Fabrizio Guidotti". After their return from military service, they continued their friendship, but their professional paths took different directions.

Luigi became a highly regarded professional racer in the motocross racing world, particularly in enduro racing. Later he began working as a mechanic for Corrado Maddii (1988), Andrea Bartolini (1989/90) and Chicco Chiodi (1991). Between 2007 to 2014, he worked in the tyre industry for Goldentyre. Changes within the company lead to Luigi’s departure from this sector. His technical acumen has always been highly regarded in the motocross industry.

Giuseppe founded Fedi Gomme, a company that specialises in industrial tyres for trucks and buses. The company focused on sales also known as sale of ''covered kilometre''. The tread pattern was particularly appreciated by public transport companies and large private fleets. A restructuring exercise resulted in the growth of the company to a staff complement of 52 and 35 mobile services. In 2009 Fedi Gomme was sold to a multinational company. Giuseppe continued to provide his valuable consultancy until the end of 2014.

At this point in their careers Giuseppe and Luigi began to see each other daily and, as "old" people do (told by them with a lot of irony), shared their experiences. Giuseppe reflected a lot on Luigi's last work experience with motorcycle mousse. He was particularly intrigued by this strange product and advised Luigi to apply for a patent.

The patent application was successful, but they encountered resistance from the small operating community who were unwilling to share their technical expertise in the production of the mousse, despite Luigi and Giuseppe’s combined mastery of their craft. With the enthusiasm of two eighteen year olds, the resourceful duo embarked on the exciting journey of building high performance mousses with superior grip sacrificing little in the way of product durability.


Our product took two years of experimentation, endless tests with 26 types of compounds and an immeasurable number of moulds to deliver. Research and development continues to deliver on our commitment of the highest performing product any time, all the time.

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