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Types of captured data
www.speedymousse.com collects user data directly or through third parties. The types of data collected are: technical navigation data, usage data, email, first name, last name, phone number, province, country, cap, city, address, company name, status, cookies and other various types of data. More details about the collected data are provided in the next sections of this same policy.
Personal data is deliberately provided by the user through form filling in, or, in the case of usage data, such as navigation statistics data, it is automatically collected by browsing the www.speedymousse.com pages.

The data required by the forms is divided between mandatory and optional; the two types will be shown separately on each form. If you prefer not to communicate mandatory data, www.speedymousse.com you reserve the right not to provide the service. If you prefer not to communicate optional data, the service will also be provided by www.speedymousse.com.

www.speedymousse.com uses statistical tools to track user navigation, the analysis is done by log. It does not use cookies directly but can use cookies including third-party services.

Each cookie usage is detailed in the Cookie Policy (http://www.speedymousse.com/Informativa-sui-cookies.htm) and then in this same policy.
The user who communicates, publishes, disseminates, or obtains personal data of third parties through www.speedymousse.com takes full responsibility for them. The user frees the owner of the website from any direct responsibility and to third parties, ensuring that he has the right to communication, publication and dissemination of the same. www.speedymousse.com does not provide services to children under the age of 18. In the case of child inquiries, it must be the parent, or the person who holds the homeland, who fills in the data requests.
The website www.speedymousse.com collects some personal data of users who browse the website.

In accordance with the commitment and attention we place on personal data and in accordance with Article. 13 and 14 of the EU GDPR, www.speedymousse.com provides information on the modalities, purposes, scope of communication and dissemination of personal data and user rights.
Personal data processing owner
Speedy Mousse
Via della Pesa, 8
50026 - San Casciano Val di Pesa (Firenze) Italia

Email: info@speedymousse.com
Telefono: 0552053480

Ways, Locations, and Timing of Captured Data Processing
How the acquired data is processed
The holder has designed a computer system to ensure security measures deemed suitable to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or deletion of personal data. The same system makes daily copies, which are considered sufficiently adequate according to the importance of the data contained.

You are entitled to information about the security measures taken by the owner to protect your data.

Access to data in addition to the owner
They have access to personal data collected by www.speedymousse.com internal staff (such as administrative, commercial, marketing, legal, system administrators) and/or external entities (such as third-party IT service providers, webfarms, communications agencies, complementary service providers). If necessary, these facilities are appointed by the controller.

The user can request at any time the owner of the treatment, the updated list of those responsible for the treatment.

Disclosure of any unwanted access to the Privacy Guarantor
The aforementioned computer system is monitored and monitored daily by technicians and systems engineers. This does not detract from the fact that, although considered remote possibility, there may be unwanted access. In the event of this, the holder agrees, as per GDPR to notify the Privacy Commissioner within the statutory deadline.

Places where captured data is retained
Personal data is maintained and processed in the owner's operating and administrative offices, as well as in the webfarms where the servers hosting the www.speedymousse.com website reside, or on the servers that make the backups. Your personal data may reside in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, however in European community countries. Your personal data is never taken or copied outside Europe.

Retention times for captured data
In the case of data acquired to provide a service to the user, (both for a purchased and trial service) the data is retained for 24 months after the completion of the service. Or until their consent is revoked.

If the holder is obliged to retain personal data in accordance with a statutory obligation or by order of authority, the holder may retain the data for a longer time, necessary for obligations.

At the end of the retention period, your personal data will be deleted. After the deadline, you will no longer be able to access your data, request deletion and portability.
Legal basis for processing acquired data
The owner acquires personal user data in the cases described below.
Treatment is necessary:
- if you have deliberately accepted treatment for one or more purposes;
- to provide a quote to the user;
- to provide a contract to the user;
- to provide a service to the user;
- so that the holder can fulfil a legal obligation;
- so that the holder can fulfil a public interest task;
- so that the holder can fulfil an exercise in public powers;
- so that the owner or third parties can pursue their own legitimate interests.

The user can request at any time the holder of the treatment, clarifications on the legal basis of each treatment.

Purpose of processing acquired data
The user's data is collected by the holder for the following purposes:

- form per contact request
- form for product information request
- purchase and fill order
- private customer area
- payments

If necessary, the data can also be processed for:
Contact the user, statistics, analysis of user behaviors and recording sessions, viewing content and interaction of external applications, spam protection, payment management, interaction with social networks, advertising.

The user can ask the controller at any time for clarification on the purpose of each treatment.

Specific details about the acquisition and use of personal data
To contact you
Contact forms
The user can fill out the contact/request forms, entering their data and agreeing to their used to respond to requests of a nature indicated in the header of the form.
Personal data that could be collected: ZIP Code, city, last name, email, address, country, name, phone number, province, company name.

Private area registration form
You can complete the registration form to the private area of the website in order to be able to access private and confidential services only to users registered to www.speedymousse.com, concerning private services of the website, such as private documents, private links, communications, etc.
By entering your data, you agree to use them for sending notifications regarding private services of the website.
Personal data that could be collected: ZIP Code, city, last name, email, address, country, name, phone number, province, company name.

Newsletter or SMS
The user can subscribe to the newsletter of the website www.speedymousse.com. Messages containing technical, information, business and/or promotional information may be sent to the email address specified by the user.
The newsletter is registered with a double opt-in.
An email is sent to the user (at the specified email address) with a link to click on to confirm that the user is indeed the owner of the email address.

The same service can be done via SMS.
Personal data that could be collected: ZIP Code, city, last name, email, address, country, name, phone number, province, company name.

To manage payments
The www.speedymousse.com website uses payment services to make credit card payments, bank transfer, or other tools. The website does not collect or acquire the data used for payment www.speedymousse.com. Payment data is collected and acquired directly by the payment service provider (e.g. from the credit card or PayPal body etc...)
These services can send messages to you, such as email or text message about payment notifications.

The data acquired and the use of it by third-party services is regulated by the respective Privacy Policies to which you please refer.

Service provider: PayPal, Inc.
Purpose of the service: make online payments
Personal data collected: types of data as specified by the service's privacy policy
Location of treatment: as specified by the service's privacy policy
Privacy Policy (https://www.paypal.com/it/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full)

For spam protection
These services capture data from users and through various logics distinguish real user traffic from that of potential spam threats.

The data acquired and the use of it by third-party services is regulated by the respective Privacy Policies to which you please refer.

Google reCAPTCHA
Service provider: Google, Inc.
Purpose of service: Spam protection service
Personal data collected: cookies, usage data
Location of treatment: United States
Privacy Policy (https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=it)
Cookies used (https://policies.google.com/technologies/types?hl=it)
Privacy Shield adherent

To view content from external websites
These services are used to display on the website pages content outside the website, with the possibility of interaction.
Even if you do not use the service on the web page, the service may capture traffic data.

The data acquired and the use of it by third-party services is regulated by the respective Privacy Policies to which you please refer.

Google Fonts
Service provider: Google, Inc.
Purpose of service: service to display external fonts on your website
Personal data collected: types of data as specified by the service's privacy policy
Location of treatment: United States
Privacy Policy (https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=it)
Privacy Shield adherent

Widget Google Maps
Service provider: Google, Inc.
Purpose of service: service to view and interact with external maps on your website
Personal data collected: cookies, usage data
Location of treatment: United States
Privacy Policy (https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=it)
Privacy Shield adherent

The interested person's rights
You have all the rights provided by art. 12 of the EU GDPR, the right to control, modify and integrate (adjust), delete your personal data by accessing your own reserved area. Once all data is deleted, the login to the reserved area is closed.

Specifically, it has the right to:

- know if the holder holds personal data relating to the user (article 15 Right to Access);
- modify or supplement (rectify) inaccurate or incomplete personal data (Art. 16 Right to Rectify);
- request the deletion of one or part of the personal data kept if there is any reason provided by the GDPR (Right to Delete, 17);
- limit processing only to part of personal data, or completely withdraw its consent for processing, if there is one reason for the Regulation (Art. 18 Right to Restrict Treatment);
- receive a copy of all personal data in the owner's possession, in a common format organized, and also read by automatic device (Art. 20, Right to Portability);
- oppose all or part of the processing of data for marketing purposes, such as opposing and receiving advertising offers (Article 21 Opposition Law). Users are advised that they can object to the processing of data used for advertising purposes, without providing any motivation;
- oppose the processing of data in automatic mode or not for profiling purposes (c.d. Consent).

How a user can exercise their rights
You may exercise your rights above by informing the speedy Mousse treatment holder of the following contact details: info@speedymousse.com; Tel. 0552053480.

The request to exercise one's right has no cost. The holder agrees to fulfill the requests as quickly as possible, and in any case within a month.

You have the right to complain to the Personal Data Protection Authority. Contact details: garante@gpdp.it, http://www.gpdp.it (http://www.gpdp.it).
Cookie Policy
The Cookie Policy (http://www.speedymousse.com/Informativa-sui-cookies.htm) is also recommended.
Additional information about data processing
Defence in court
In the case of an appeal to the court for abuse by the user in the use of www.speedymousse.com or the services related to it, the holder has the right to disclose the personal data of the user. It is also obliged to provide this data at the request of public authorities.

Request for specific information
You have the right to request specific information www.caputdraconis.it about the services on the website and/or the collection and use of personal data.

Data collection for system logs and maintenance
www.caputdraconis.it and/or third-party services (if any) may collect your personal data, such as your IP address, in the form of a system log. The collection of this data is related to the operation and maintenance of the website.

Information not contained in this policy
You have the right to request additional information from the data controller at any time that is not present in this Policy regarding the processing of personal data. The owner can be contacted through contact details.

Support for "Do Not Track" requests
The "Do Not Track" requests are not supported by www.caputdraconis.it.
You are encouraged to consult the Privacy Policies of the third-party services listed above to find out which ones support this type of request.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The owner has the right to edit this document by alerting users on this same page or, if any, through the contacts in their possession. You are then invited to consult this page periodically. For confirmation of the actual change, see the last modified date at the bottom of the page.
The owner will take care to re-collect user consent in case the changes to this document relate to data treatments for which consent is required.
Definitions and legal references
Personal data (or data, or user data)
It is personal data that identifies or makes identifiable, directly or indirectly, an individual and that can provide information about his characteristics, habits, lifestyle, personal relationships, health status, economic situation, etc.

Source: Privacy Guarantor website (http://www.garanteprivacy.it).

Usage data
Usage data is the information that is automatically collected during the navigation of www.speedymousse.com, both from the website itself and from the third-party applications included in the site. Examples of usage data include the IP address and device and browser details (including geographic location) that the user uses to navigate the site, the pages displayed, and the duration of the user's stay on individual pages.

The person who uses the website www.speedymousse.com.
It coincides with the person concerned, unless otherwise specified.

Interested is the individual to whom the personal data relates. So, if a treatment concerns, for example, the address, the tax code, etc. of Mario Rossi, this person is the person concerned (Article 4, paragraph 1, paragraph 1), of the EU Regulation 2016/679 (http://www.garanteprivacy.it/regolamentoue).

Source: Privacy Guarantor website (http://www.garanteprivacy.it).

Responsible for treatment (or responsible)
Responsible is the person who is responsible or the legal person to whom the holder entrusts, even outside his organizational structure, specific and defined management and control tasks on his behalf of data processing (Article 4, paragraph 1, paragraph 8), of the EU Regulation 2016/679 (http://www.garanteprivacy.it/regolamentoue). The Regulation itself has introduced the possibility that a manager may, in turn and under certain conditions, designate another person as 'sub-responsible' (Article 28, paragraph 2).

Source: Privacy Guarantor website (http://www.garanteprivacy.it).

Treatment owner (or owner)
The owner is the individual, the public authority, the company, the public or private entity, the association, etc., which takes decisions on the purposes and manner of treatment (Article 4, paragraph 1, paragraph 7), of the EU Regulation 2016/679 (http://www.garanteprivacy.it/regolamentoue).

Source: Privacy Guarantor website (http://www.garanteprivacy.it).

www.speedymousse.com (or website)
The website through which users' personal data is collected and processed.

The service offered by the website www.speedymousse.com as stated in its terms.

European Community (or EU)
Each reference relating to the European community extends to all the current member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area, unless otherwise specified.

Data stored within the user's device.

Legal references
This notice is prepared on the basis of multiple legislative systems, including Art. 13 and 14 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679. This policy applies only www.speedymousse.com, where not otherwise specified.
Data ultima modifica: 11/12/2019
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