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05-03-2020 08:29 - News Speedy Mousse
When you order the Speedy Mousse for motocross or enduro, you will receive it inside a durable cardboard box with the blue Speedy Mousse logo printed on the white background.
Once you open the box, inside you will find the mousse, beautiful gloss mousse covered by a plastic vacuum casing and with a disc of polyurethane expanded inside it.
Yes, this is very important, but, inside the packaging, there is also another thing, but inseparable from the mousse itself, that is, the tube with the lubricant, also called the silicone gel, which works as the protector of mousse.
Without the right lubricant, the mousse suffers irreverent damage.

Uncontrolled heat formation during the race can affect in an irreversible way the performance of the mousse. During the race is created a friction between the mousse and the tyre. Friction produces heat that can cause that mousse and tyre will break. The lubricant (silicone gel) reduces friction inside the tyre and consequence prevents the temperature rising. We only recommend the use of Speedymousse gel, a pure silicone gel without additives.

The 100ml tube included in the mousse packaging is the right amount for the assembly of your Speedy Mousse. Once the mousse is installed, we recommend checking and lubricating it periodically.
The disinstallation and lubrication of the mousse is closely connected with the discipline you do. For motocross mousses should be disassembled, controlled and lubricated about every 7-8- hours and in the case of enduro discipline every 10-12 hours.
After the first installation, the relubrications need a smaller quantity of silicone lubricant, but, always using the Speedy Mousse gel, you will have the right product life.

The timing of relubrication also depends on climate changes. During the summer you need to lubricate more often, on the contrary, during the winter months, the times of relubrication get longer.
In case of extreme temperatures (above 30 degrees) it is recommended to remove the speedymousse from the tyre after using it for the race, check for damage, lubricate it if necessary and let it rest (motocross : for 1 hour, enduro: for 8 hours)

Lubricant is the life force of your mousse. The Speedy Mousse gel was born from continuous research, to ensure maximum compatibility with our mousses and the best possible results. This is why it is not recommended using a lubricant from other sources to protect the performing life of your mousse.

Enjoy the races without obstacles. Use Speedy Mousse and its lubricant!

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