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04-02-2020 10:14 - News Speedy Mousse
Who use the bike every day to get home and work know how many unpleasant moments can complicate the life of the urban cyclist.
The biggest enemy of him are the uneven streets of the historic city centers, cracks in the asphalt and any edges that could damage the tyres and inner tubes.
The return on foot is the nightmare of each of us, who uses the bike as the daily transport.
But few people know that there is a solution – mousse.

The mousse is an insert to be mounted in The Bike wheels and made with a particular closed-cell expanded polymer designed for this specific use.
The mousse bike is the younger sister of the motorcycle mousse. The materials used for its production vary, but the reason it was born is the usual: eliminate the problem of the damaged tube, improve the comfort and practicality of the driving itself and decrease the vibrations transmitted by the wheels to the handlebars.

There are various types of bike mousse and each with special features that offer various solutions to the problem of the use of the bike for off-road use, for what it was born or everyday use in urban jungles.

Speedy Mousse offers two types of mousse, crafted and continuous improvement.
Our technicians are at your disposal. Please contact us for any questions or doubts to clarify...
Each product has different characteristics depending on the use for which it was designed...

SEMI MOUSSE, born in 2017 is considered also today a reference product that boasts numerous imitations. It is produced with fine raw material, expanded butyl rubber, emulated with plastics to keep costs down by our competitors.
The characteristics of the semi mousse bike: maximum comfort of riding and good protection!
Given the high quality of the material used, the duration of the product considered is 6 months, before a physiological flattening takes place.

EXPERIENCE is an insert to be mounted in Bike wheels and made with a particular polymer expanded with closed cells designed for this specific use.
It can be classified as "anti-perforation" only in the case of bumps with angular surfaces, the particular density of the product does not allow the tire to come into contact with the wheel circle avoiding deformations of the same and lacerations on the tire. The Experience can only be mounted in the tubeless version and to have a minimum of protection against punctures from sharp bodies we recommend the use of a small dose of protective liquid, to which Experience is totally waterproof.

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